What is the Geekwise Academy Cohort?

The Geekwise Academy Cohort program bridges the gap between Geekwise Academy learning technology and working in the technology industry. All Geekwise Academy students are eligible, but only those who have completed classes will be accepted.

The Cohort consists of two phases. The first is a tryout where our Developer Fellows take students through a crash course in a some industry specific technologies. Prospective cohort members get a taste of a few languages and frameworks before being asked to build something and interview for a spot in one of our cohorts. Phase two is entry into a cohort and will allow individuals to work on real projects for real cash. All the while, cohort members will learn and work under the tutelage of a seasoned developer. Cohort participants are also required to co-teach evening classes, mentor students in our custom courses and/or lead workshops.

Our goal is to grow developers who are:

  1. Information literate
  2. Confident in their problem solving abilities
  3. Reliable and professional
  4. Good communicators
  5. Driven to succeed, able to learn, and receive criticism

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Ryeker Herndon

The cohort afforded me the opportunity to learn (and get paid for learning!) a skill that was immediately marketable.

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Alex Gutierrez

Prior to my selection into the cohort, I had spent much of my time working within community based organizations seeking positive social change in the city of Fresno.

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Pratima Sakinala

Being part of the Cohort made me realize that I’m good at programming, which 3 years ago I had never imagined doing.

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Vanessa Ceballos

Prior to the Cohort I was a first year student at UC Irvine studying ecology and evolutionary biology…