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Meet Terry Champion of Geeks aka The Oprah of Technology

Terry’s focus is people. Her ability to get to know individuals on a personal and professional level is second to none. She spends countless hours learning about each and every person who comes through Geekwise Academy to help them dream big. Terry is well connected to industry and education, which makes her everyone’s direct channel to jobs, new people and the tech community. Terry is a product of Geekwise Academy, and prior to signing on full-time with Bitwise Industries, worked as a developer for Edit LLC and Shift3 Technologies. Our Geekwise students love her because she has the chops to talk shop and the heart to talk hopes and dreams. We sometimes call her the “Oprah of Technology” because students walk through our doors looking for something, and they walk out with a plan for their future, a connection to folks with common interests, a lead on a job and a feeling that they belong to a community. Terry is a cheerleader and a champion for people. Her passions are collaboration, connection, community and getting to know every person who crosses her path.