Right here, in a city smarting from the Great Recession, is a factory producing exactly the talent the tech industry needs and connecting that talent to opportunity. No theory. No accreditation. No fluff. Just bunch of hungry folks learning to code and getting scooped up by industry as soon as they can spell H-T-M-L. Geekwise Academy


In the middle of a region known more for cauliflower and cabbage than code, there is a coworking space where developers, designers, and founders meet, connect, and innovate. No Golden Gate. No Broadway. No Space Needle. Just a bunch of smart people in one place about to do something awesome. Hashtag and Bitwise Industries.


In a local economy where tech success looks like graduating high school and fleeing to the Bay, there is a dev shop with legions of world-class geeks perpetually on-call for tech projects. No egos. No divas. No premium price. Just hundreds of talented developers hungry for writing code. The project determines the team, not the other way around. Shift3 Technologies.