Learn More About Geekwise Academy

  • Individualized Education

    We believe in learning by doing – so you’ll get your hands on actual projects building websites and digital applications. Whether alone or with other Geekwise students, our individualized and project-based education helps you learn by doing. You’ll grow in confidence and leadership, and come out of Geekwise classes with real projects to showcase your work.

  • Professional Soft Skills

    We know education is more than just what’s in a textbook, so at Geekwise, you’ll have opportunities to grow soft skills that can benefit you in the classroom and beyond. Participate in professional networking and meetups, lead presentations, or even prepare for your dream job by building a strong resume. Geekwise also offers small study groups and a one-month free Hashtag membership for all new students, providing valuable resources and opportunities to grow.

  • Counselors/Mentors

    Our community exists both inside and outside of the classroom, and we’ll be here for you each step of the way. Whether it’s help with a project, career guidance, or just a listening ear, the entirety of the Geekwise community is a champion for you. After all, we could all use someone in our corner rooting us on!

  • Who are our Students?

    Our students make up a truly diverse community, but all share a common thread: interest in technology and an eagerness to learn. We’ve taught young kids and older adults, college students and folks exploring a new hobby. It doesn’t matter if you have a high school degree, a PhD, or nothing at all – our classrooms are open to everyone.