Jason Cooksey

Developer Fellow

Work Experience: Senior graphic designer, media specialist, youth pastor, mastering engineer, radio producer, recording engineer, sound specialist, motion graphics specialist, web designer, web developer, animator, professor, consultant, and participant.

Favorite Tools: PHP, MySQL, Laravel, JavaScript, JQuery, ActionScript (I know it’s dead but I still love it!), CodeIgniter, Illustrator, Photoshop, AfterEffects, Cloud9, GitHub, Codepen, Vegas, Google, paintbrush and acrylic or watercolor paints, Sonic Screwdriver, and JSON (obviously)

Geeky Fact: I start every day with a frozen banana shake. My sense of humor is in line with the average 8 year old, and everywhere I go is my stage. I play the drums and guitar and have been in several bands. I let my mom wax my beard once. I have not seen the final episode of Star Trek (TOS). Hallmark commercials make me cry. Sometimes I show up to events wearing a monkey onesie. I can only get my wife to laugh by falling down or running into something. And my hair…where is it going?