Environment is Everything

We’ve been known to refer to ourselves as the varsity football field for the geek. Vibrant colors, art, music, tech, tech companies, cafes, comfortable workspaces, and bustling activity make the Bitwise building an optimal place to work, learn and play. Educators know that a safe, inviting and engaging environment is a key ingredient for learning. In the Bitwise building, our learners are able to work with technology experts, see and experience the vibrancy of a technology hub and imagine themselves as part of the future of the industry. Our highest priority is creating and maintaining a physically and emotionally safe environment for all the students we serve.

Champions are Crucial

Everyone needs a champion. Fortunately for our students, the Bitwise building and Geekwise Academy are full of them. Our industry experts turned teachers and the folks in our network are invested in the success of Geekwise Academy students. Coursework and experiences support collaboration, healthy relationships, constructive feedback and guidance.

Some students will work as interns or apprentices for the tech companies in our network. All students will have the opportunity to learn from industry experts and engage in an exciting technology community.

Projects are Paramount

Project based instruction by way of real-world experiences have been revered in education for decades. At Geekwise Academy, we believe that the best way students learn is by rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty. Students learn website and application development by actually building websites and applications. Content learning is immediately applied. Each obstacle and success is addressed and celebrated as part of the process. The result are students who understand how to learn and work in the industry and have relevant skills for their futures.