Javascript for Beginners

Skill Level:
6 Weeks



  • Week 1
    • Programming workflow
    • Introduction to JavaScript
    • Where JavaScript came from and how we got here
    • ES5 vs ES.
    • Convention and best-practice
    • The browser and the console
    • /* Comments */ and white space in JavaScript
    • Storing information with variables
    • Popups!
    • Everything in JavaScript is an Object..kind of
    • Object deep dive: Strings, Numbers, Floats, Booleans, Arrays, Objects
    • Getting the Date
    • How to do math with Math
  • Week 2
    • Creating and modifying and Array
    • Coming full circle with Loops
    • If. No? Then Else if. Still no? Then Else.
    • Equal or not Equal. There's way more to that question.
  • Week 3
    • Shorter if's with a Ternary
    • More than just variables
    • Hoisting. A thing and yet not.
    • Doing things with Functions
    • These are not the DOM elements you are looking for. Targeting the DOM.
    • If a user presses a key and no one is there to hear it... did it make a sound? Find out with Event Listeners!
  • Week 4
    • DOM da dom dom. Modifying the DOM.
    • Acquiring the users info... from a form!
    • This. That? Yes... this.
    • Creating something from nothing. Or thereabouts.
  • Week 5
    • Objects. Everything is one. Kind of.
    • Object Constructors. It's like a skeleton... we all have one.
    • Tick... tock... tick... tock. Timers!
    • Know your repeat customers. Saving info into browser memory.
  • Week 6
    • Getting data with JSON
    • APIs with XMLHttpRequests
    • Keeping your secrets safe with Closures


Bring your Laptop

Software: Aside from a text editor, such as Windows Notepad or Mac OS TextEdit, there are no required software applications to complete this course; however, you’ll find the following software useful: Dreamweaver CS4 or later: You can download the latest trial version from, but if you do, since the trial version is good for only 30 days, do not install it until the third week of the course. XAMPP Web (or some other) server software. XAMPP is a free Linux Web server emulator you can use to test your Web pages. You can download it from: It comes in both Windows and Mac OS versions.

FTP client software: File Transfer Protocol, or FTP, software allows you to upload your Web page files to a Web server. You can perform this function with built-in Windows or Mac utilities, but will find this much easier with an FTP utility. You can download and use FileZilla for free (indefinitely) at: It comes in both Windows and Mac versions.

  • August 7th - September 18th
  • 6 Weeks
  • Monday, Wednesday
    6:00p - 9:00p

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Javascript for Beginners

Dates: August 7th - September 18th
Course Length: 6 Weeks
Days: Monday, Wednesday
Time: 6:00p - 9:00p
Class Selection: Javascript for Beginners
Total Cost: $250.00
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Javascript for Beginners