“The Cohort afforded me the opportunity to learn (and get paid for learning!) a skill that was immediately marketable.”

Ryeker Herndon, past Cohort member


The Geekwise Academy Cohorts are built to bridge the gap between learning and working in the tech industry. Participants in this paid internship program work on real projects under the supervision of a seasoned technical lead. Apart from the day-to-day workload, Cohort participants co-teach evening classes, mentor students in custom courses, and even lead workshops in their areas of expertise.

Types of Cohorts

Over the past few years, we've expanded our Cohort program to include themed Cohorts such as:

  • Founder development
  • Online marketing
  • Salesforce
  • E-commerce
  • and more.

Get Involved

Interested in joining a future Cohort? Here are a few important steps in the selection process to remember.

Step 1
All Cohort members have taken at least one Geekwise course prior to joining their Cohort. So if you haven’t already … sign-up! Many students have never coded before, so don’t worry about your experience level.
Step 2
Once in your class, let a member of the Geekwise team know you’re interested in the Cohort program. Your name will be added to our ongoing Cohort candidate list where we identify individuals for future Cohorts.
Step 3
We select a variety of individuals for our Cohort program but always seek out students with grit and self-determination. Cohort participants should be actively seeking a career and committed to learning and refining their craft.
Step 4
If you aren’t selected, don’t worry! Your name will stay on our candidate list and we may reach out again in the future.

Specialty Courses

Geekwise offers speciality programs to continue working toward our mission of building on-ramps for individuals traditionally left out of the technology industry. Think of people like veterans, LGBTQ, the new majority, previously incarcerated individuals, and more. Courses are built specifically to address the unique needs and challenges of these communities, especially those challenges that might prevent them from getting an education in the first place. By specifically targeting these individuals, we are creating a direct pipeline of underrepresented populations into tech jobs, and helping grow the diversity of the technology industry right before our eyes.