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Defining Features of the Geekwise Team

A group of diverse, dedicated, and student-focused individuals. Like our students, our team comes from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, each with their own unique journey.

  • Geekwise Team

  • Danita Ramos

    Executive Director


    Danita Ramos is the Executive Director of Geekwise Academy, overseeing the day-to-day operations of Geekwise and it’s employees. Part of her role also includes supporting team members including our instructors and developer fellows. Danita has been a part of our team since June 2019, and previously worked in junior high education as a classroom teacher and school administrator. After seeing how her students thrived in Geekwise courses, she was drawn to the company and its style of education, community, and bountiful creativity. Danita loves working with a team that not only dreams big, but approaches the important work of Geekwise with such dedication and genuineness. Her work with Geekwise has inspired her to become a better decision maker and empowered her to grow and learn every single day.

  • Alex Gutierrez

    Community Outreach Coordinator


    Alex Gutierrez is the Community Outreach Coordinator for Geekwise Academy, where he is focused on identifying people and groups who have a ton to contribute to their community through technology, but haven’t quite found a path into the industry. Alex is a former Geekwise student and also worked as a developer for Shift3 Technologies. Alex has an eye for strategizing reach, recruitment, and retention. His favorite part of the job is connecting with the Geekwise community and supporting each individual that walks through our doors.

  • Shelly Manser

    Director of Outreach


    Shelly Manser is the Director of Outreach for Geekwise Academy where she cultivates relationships between the program and valley schools. She is the superintendent of Monroe Elementary, a small rural school district in Fresno County. Shelly also serves as the Certified Chief Innovation Officer, helping drive the digital transformation of the school district. A firm believer of “all means all,” Shelly finds Geekwise’s approach to inclusion particularly meaningful. Working for Geekwise has awarded her the opportunity to connect rural children with possibilities once thought unattainable and provide equity for the underrepresented.

  • Stephanie Moreno

    Student Success Specialist


    Stephanie Moreno is Geekwise’s Student Success Specialist, meaning she is laser focused on supporting each student that comes through Geekwise Academy. Whether they are taking an evening class, a specialized course, or participating in a cohort – Stephanie plays the vital role of interacting and providing opportunities to help them prepare for their success. She joined the Geekwise team in August of 2019, and was formerly a student in a Geekwise course for women earlier that year, calling it one of the best experiences of her life. Stephanie is dedicated to underserved populations, empowering them to find their voice and advocate for themselves. She loves connecting great humans with their next steps in technology, and is always happy to share the amazing opportunities here at Geekwise.

  • Lillian Banderas

    Executive Assistant


    Lillian Banderas is our Executive Assistant and has been a part of the Geekwise Team since October of 2019. In addition to taking care of various administrative tasks, Lillian is in charge of organizing, planning, and supporting the Geekwise team to help them stay on top of their game! She enjoys how hard the team works to provide guidance and support to individuals normally overlooked, especially the technology industry. Lillian strives to assist the Geekwise team as they champion for others. Her goal in life has always been to work in an environment where integrity, transparency, and self-awareness are key factors -- she has found Geekwise to be just that place.

Geekwise was born out of a simple idea

We’re dedicated to creating a diverse talent pipeline, where anyone can learn, then go out and get a great job.

In order for people to be successful in the technology industry, they need tools. So why not teach those tools and help people get the resources and skills they need to get the tech jobs they want? Even better … why don’t we remove barriers to this education by offering accessible and affordable classes to anyone and everyone willing to learn? So no matter your age, background, education or job history – our doors are open.

We’re not a degree program or a college. In the tech industry, portfolios, work ethic, and an aptitude for learning are key ingredients to landing the job you want. What we teach is relevant to your future. You’ll learn tech skills, but also gain a network of peers, professional development opportunities, and resources to help you along your journey.

The Geekwise System of Teaching

Our curriculum doesn’t come from textbooks. We teach skills that help you land a job now.

Our system of teaching is individualized and project-based. We value individual moments of learning, whether from one of our instructors, other students, or even yourself!


Our courses are focused on the latest trends in the tech industry – what coding languages and tech skills are developers and companies currently using? Industry drives our curriculum. We focus on topics and courses that are going to prepare people for careers in the technology industry. To put it simply: we create direct pathways to jobs.


We believe in learning by doing – you’ll learn the information and put it to practice immediately. This process is ongoing, meaning you’ll be learning new skills as you work on projects, helping develop your knowledge base as you build your projects. Coding is skill-based work, so you’ll start building tons of different things during our courses. A website? A mobile app? The sky’s the limit. We’re here to help you along the way.

Student Journey

Every student journey at Geekwise is unique, but each encompasses important parts of what sets Geekwise apart from other educational programs. Our system of teaching is individualized because we know one style of teaching won’t fit all. Alongside our curriculum we incorporate soft skills like communication, collaboration, and confidence to help you network and prepare for your next job. We also focus on helping you craft a resume so you can be prepared to land an interview for your next dream job. Along the way, our team of mentors is rooting for each student’s success, guiding them through their own Geekwise journey. Combine all of these aspects and you’ve got a master recipe to help students from any background succeed.

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