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The technology industry is the fastest growing industry on the planet. With a projected job growth between 2014-2024 at 12%, the question is not whether or not you have a place in the technology industry, but it’s which place is right for you? At Geekwise Academy, we put you in front of industry experts who teach you how to build the websites and applications that make your portfolio shine.


We’re not a school,
we’re your geeky tribe.

At Geekwise Academy, we wear the name “geek” as a badge of honor. We use words like “honor,” “code,” “loyalty”… wait that’s in the movies. Our goal is to create a culture that welcomes the folks who like to tinker, design, develop, collaborate and explore. Students work individually and collaboratively to build cool stuff. The happy byproduct of cool-stuff-building is meeting awesome people, gaining skills the technology industry covets, drinking lots of coffee, and solving the world’s problems with code.