Creator Geek. Irma has tech cred, for real for real. Not only has Irma built multiple technology companies from the ground up, but Irma has spent her career fostering the growth of the technology industry in the San Joaquin Valley. At Geekwise Academy Irma is responsible for prospective geek (i.e., trainee) recruitment and development of partner employer relationships. Additionally, Irma assists in the deconstruction of technology skills into consumable component parts for purposes of curriculum design. In addition to founding Bitwise Industries and Geekwise Academy, Irma is also the founder of Edit LLC, 59DaysOfCode, and Overfundit, among others. Irma’s past experience includes teaching interactive game design at the Center for Advanced Research and Technology (CART) in Clovis, California. Irma holds a B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Toledo. Simply put, Irma ties the technology to the education and makes the whole thing work.
irma l. olguin jr.,
chief technology officer