What is The Geekwise Academy Cohort Program?

The Geekwise Academy Cohort program has been developed to bridge the gap between Geekwise Academy course students and their ability to move into roles as developers in the local technology industry.

The Cohort consists of two phases. The first is a two week internship for the 20 individuals that were invited to the Cohort program. This phase includes QA and testing of the invitees skill set. In phase two, 8 of the 20 Invitees will be chosen to participate in a 24 week internship program. Phase two consists of three assignments each eight weeks in length. During this time the Cohorts will complete work for clients through projects of increased difficulty. Also, Cohort participants will be required to co-teach Geekwise Academy classes. They will work with the Cohort Director and Bethany Mily to prepare for this opportunity.

Our goal here is simple, we want to produce developers that are:

  1. Information literate
  2. Confident in their problem solving abilities
  3. Reliable and professional
  4. Good communicators
  5. Driven to succeed, able to learn, and receive criticism
Bitwise Industries is excited about this new adventure that kicks off on January 12, 2015. We look forward to mentoring the next generation of technologists in Fresno.

Meet the Geekwise Academy Cohort Classes!

Adam Field
Geekwise has been my springboard into the amazing world of development. The Cohort, I feel is the next step on that road. I see it as a challenge to grow and improve my skills as a developer. I'm thrilled to see where things go.
Patrick Patterson
As a kid I would break all my toys just to see how everything worked inside. Now, that fascination is what keeps me learning new things and looking for exciting experiences. The Cohort is the perfect opportunity for me to pursue my true potential!
Hani Ali
When I was invited to the Cohort I was very excited because there is a big opportunity for me to learn, add to my experience as a computer engineer and work on different projects. My plan is to learn new computer-languages, build apps and stay positive.
Hunter Lester
Former farm, produce, & dairy worker, I’ve come to the Cohort to help build a community in a much more effective way than I could have in agriculture. I feel at home at Bitwise and I’m excited to build a career in a field that will continue to change throughout my lifetime.
Ian Garoian
I know that the Cohort will provide me with the tools and knowledge to sustain a long lasting career in web development. I am very honored and humbled to have been chosen and really consider this a massive building block that will guide me through the rest of my development career. I'm also really excited that I don't have to sell cell phones ever again!
Alex Gutierrez
I’ve spent the last few years working as a community advocate serving underrepresented communities. I’ve always had a deep appreciation for technology and more specifically, the ability to create with the power of a computer. Being chosen for the Cohort is a blessing that I hope will give me the tools needed to build something that will help make peoples lives better.
Raquel Garcia
When I was invited to be in Cohort, I was overwhelmed with emotions. I was happy, but I was especially grateful for the opportunity because I have never had a community believe in me the way Bitwise has. I'm excited to see what I can accomplish by the end of the program and cannot wait to see what it helps me accomplish in the future.
Bill Ramirez
When I joined the Cohort I was hoping to gain the knowledge and ability to become a top developer. I see it as a chance to challenge myself to learn new skills, better serve my community, and support my family. I look forward to all the opportunities that are ahead, but with great power comes great responsibility. I am ready for that responsibility.
Arturo Ceballos
I love Bitwise because being here has been a great way to alleviate my vast hunger for knowledge. There is a positive environment where everybody is trying to push each other to become better at what they do.
Vanessa Ceballos
When I was first invited to the Cohort, I felt extremely humbled. I wanted to be a part of something big. Bitwise is not only helping local developers, but the whole Central Valley in general. After the Cohort I want to stick around Bitwise and further my knowledge.
Nick Myers
I wanted to participate in the cohort because it was a chance for me to become more of who I am and who I want to be. It will help me gain the tools that will allow me to reach the lifestyle I want and help others reach their goals as well.
Sam Ramos
Why did I want to be a part of the Cohort? I want to do better things for Bitwise. Becoming an elite cohort developer sounded like the best way to do just that. Once I've completed the Cohort I plan on working full time using my newly found skills to be a part of the full time dev team for Edit LLC.
John Word
I came to the Developer Cohort to challenge myself and rapidly build skills while working on real projects in a supportive environment. My plan is to build apps that will have a positive effect on peoples lives, strengthen our reliance on them, and inevitably take us into a dystopian future.
Jeremy Robles
I wanted to be part of the cohort because I have an insatiable drive to learn and build. Upon completion I plan on building my own business and sharing everything I've learned so that someone else could have the same opportunities that I've been given.
John Sposato
When I first heard about the Cohort Program, I thought it would be a great opportunity to really dig deep into web development. I am grateful for the opportunity to work on projects early in my career that I would not have got on my own. I'm looking forward to seeing what I can learn and what the program has in store for me.
Victor Perez
When I was invited to the Cohort, I saw it as an opportunity to become the developer I want to be. I really enjoy working on projects that will increase my level of knowledge and also make the clients proud of the end result.